Make Your Own Instant Oatmeal Packets


I make my own oatmeal packets.  I buy one container of Quick Oats, any brand is good, and make up individual serving size packets.

Here’s the recipe.
1/3 cup Quick Oats
1 teaspoon milk powder
2 tsp brown sugar, for less sugar can use 1/2 brown sugar and mix with  artificial sweetener. 
1/4 tsp cinnamon
Dash of salt

Combine all these ingredients in a snack size bag. To make just add contents to a microwave safe bowl and add 2/3 cup water and microwave for about 1 minute. Let sit a minute. Can add raisin or diced apples, if you like. This is about 180 calories and is great for when your on the go.  It’s also healthier than those pre-packaged oatmeal.

One container of Quick Oats goes a long way, This also saves money not to mention extra calories. I usually make up 10 packets at a time.  Just enough for the work week.  Or you can make the whole container up and store the individual packets inside the Oats container.

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