Breakfast Egg Sausage Muffin

Breakfast Egg Sausage Muffin I make these up on Sunday for our packed breakfast. I scramble up a pack of turkey breakfast sausage then divide it up between 12 muffin in a muffin pan. Then chop a banana pepper and a small Vidalia onion and divide these up between the muffins. Beat 8 eggs up and divide them into the 12 muffins. Muffin should be 3/4 full. Bake them at 350 degrees for about 25 to 30 min. Let them cool then pack them into baggies for packing. Nutritional content is approximately; 191 cal, 11g fat, 3 g sat fat, 269 mg cholesterol, 636mg sodium, 2.2 g carb, 20 g protein. I am going to pack some tomato slices to go with my meal so I can get in some carbsz at breakfast. You can have all the tomatoes you want as they have a low glycemic index they have a G.I. of 20.  This is perfect for the 8 weeks to wellness plan. And can be eaten even in the 1st week.

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